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SUNLUX IOT Technology (Guangdong) Inc.
Office Add: 4F,No.7 ,Kehui First Street ,Science Road,Science City,Guangzhou,China
Factory Add: East 3F, ,Building B, Yushu Industrial Park, Science City, Guangzhou, China                                                  
Postal Code: 510663                                                                       
Tel: +86-20-32053765                                                                
Fax: +86-20-82115390                                                                    
Website: www.xl-scan.com                                                                 
Email: sales@xl-scan.com                                                                              
International Trade Department                                                        
Tel: +86-20-32053765 / 82086189                                                                
Fax: +86-20-82115390 / 82086356
Contact Person: Jully_Zeng (East and Southeast Asia)                                            
E-mail: marketing@xl-scan.cn                                                               
Mobile: (+86)13600494789                                                                    
Contact Person: Daisy_Liu (West and South Asia)                                                
Email: info@xl-scan.cn                                                                    
Mobile: (+86)13609792568                                                               
Contact Person: Grace_Liu (North and South America)                                            
E-mail: export@xl-scan.cn                                                                              
Mobile: (+86)13600488707                                                                   
Contact Person: Kevin_Jiang (Europe)                                           
E-mail: overseas@xl-scan.cn                                                              
Mobile: (+86)13609791906

Contact Person: Elaine_Liu (Southeast Asia)                                           
E-mail: elaine@xl-scan.cn                                                              
Mobile: (+86)13632483716            

Contact Person: Chili_Huang(Africa)                                           
E-mail: overseas07@xl-scan.cn  
Mobile: (+86)13609791906

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