China (Guangdong) Intelligent Recognition and New Retail Summit Forum Release
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On the afternoon of April 21st, the “China (Guangdong) Intelligent Recognition and New Retail Summit Forum” jointly organized by Guangdong Intelligent Identification Industry Technology Innovation, was successfully held at Guangzhou Luogang Conference Center.

SUNLUX IOT., as the initiator of the alliance, attended the summit forum and discussioned with more than 230 industry leaders and guests around the hot topic of “Smart Identification and New Retail”. Chairman Xu Chaorong addressed a speech in this summit and Jiang He, Deputy General Manager share the latest news on the application of "smart identification technology in new retail fields". There are many wonderful speeches given by distinguished guests.



Chairman of Guangdong Intelligent Identification Industry Technology Innovation Alliance.

Chairman of guangzhou Intelligent recognition technology innovation alliance.

Chairman of SUNLUX IOT Technology (Guangdong) Inc.

Xu Chaorong


Chief Operating Officer, Financial Development Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Development Zone

Chairman of Entrepreneur park for overseas chinese scholars Co., Ltd.

Feng Mengjue


Secretary of Guangdong Province Internet of Things Association

Innovation Alliance of Guangdong Province Intelligent Identification Industry Technology

Executive Secretary of Guangzhou Intelligent Identification Technology Innovation Alliance

Dr. Zeng Ming

Keynote Speech

New retail, smart "chip" potential energy




The essence of the new retail is centered on consumer demand, and digital change is the key driver of retail change.

Take the two new retail areas of the apparel industry and unmanned convenience stores as typical application cases.

The application of RFID-based multi-convergence technology in traditional retail will bring great changes and economic benefits to retail.

Intelligent vehicle-based positioning based on visible light communication


Jinan University Professor Fang Junbin


New demands for new retail communications technology, positioning technology and smart equipment technology.

How to realize short-range wireless communication and indoor high-precision positioning based on commercially available lighting LED lamps.

Focuses on the rapid and high-precision visible light indoor positioning and navigation system-LIPS system based on commercially available LED lamps and mobile phones independently developed by Jinan University, and the LIPS 2.0 system for intelligent delivery equipment.

The above two systems can be applied to indoor pedestrian parking, large-scale supermarkets, shopping center pedestrian navigation, and unmanned supermarkets, logistics factories, automatic guided transport vehicles of automated factories, storage robots and so on.

Application of Intelligent Identification Technology in New Retail Sector


Deputy General Manager Jianghe SUNLUX IOT Technology (Guangdong) Inc.


The concept of intelligent identification technology and smart new retail shared the classic cases of Alibaba centralization strategy, Tencent decentralization strategy, Tencent cloud, etc.

The development of big data is full with great challenges and infinite opportunities.

Emphasizing that the essence of new retailing is technological progress. As long as we consolidate and enhance our market competitive advantage and firmly grasp the market dominance, we will have new opportunities in the development trend of new retail.

New retail triggered new revolution


GUMP COME Vice President Yu Wei


New retail is reflected in three aspects: new cost, new efficiency, and new experience.

The use of intelligent retail robots to optimize these three components and acquire live data capabilities is the core competitiveness of new retail.

New retail is a big market, wide track, and protracted warfare business. It is based on the real-time decision-making and implementation of multi-system linkage and achieves closed-loop prediction, decision-making, execution and evaluation.

Artificial intelligence, changing retail


Dr. Liu Fengyi DeepBule Technology Assistant Chairman


Deep Blue uses artificial intelligence to re-enable new retail and redefine new retail.

Make each store like a people with brain, eyes, ears, and mouth to communicate with people, remember everyone.

This type of architecture has more convolutional neural networks. Further, it has also applied multiple architectures, learning deeply, machine vision, biometrics, and many other technologies.

Application of palm vein recognition technology in new retail


Wisdom crown information Yu Qiaohong President


Smart Crown palm vein payment is a new generation of bio-payment technology based on the palm vein biometric identification technology independently developed by Smart Crown.

With the characteristics of live recognition, biological features, anti-theft, ultra-high recognition accuracy, unchanging characteristics, and high recognition speed, it is obviously superior to other biological payment methods such as human face.

It can be widely used in no-sales shops, unmanned vending machines, financial payments and other industries.

It is the safest and most convenient biological payment method to achieve "one-time acquisition, lifetime availability, and universal use."

Industry empowerment fund suppor


CapitaLand Han Chunfu Vice President


Recognize the tremendous business opportunities brought by new retail.

Intelligent identification is a blue ocean project for many future technologies.

The Group will continue to increase investment in new retail and smart identification.


Group Photo

Alliance Introduction

Guangdong Intelligent Identification Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and Guangzhou Intelligent Identification Technology Innovation Alliance were established by Guangdong SUNLUX IOT Technology Co., Ltd. at the end of 2016 and successfully registered with the Guangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Committee. Since the founding of the alliance, it has been the realization of professional gathering, mutual benefit of technology, complementarity of resources, strategic integration, and market expansion as the biggest goal.


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