EuroShop 2020 opened, SUNLUX bring you a feast of eyes
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On February 16, 2020, the German retail trade Exhibition EuroShop opened in Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre. After careful preparation, SUNLUX showed a series of independently developed products. Adhering to our consistent and serious attitude, SUNLUX presented more comprehensive and high-quality products, and more efficient and intelligent solutions, attracted many professional visitors and merchants to consult and negotiate at the exhibition site.



After more than ten years accumulation of technical experience, SUNLUX has grown into a highly concerned and trusted national brand in the automatic identification industry. In the future, SUNLUNX will persist in innovation, deeply cultivate the automatic identification industry, and strive to grow into a world-class national brand.



In this exhibition, the exhibits are the latest and hottest products of SUNLUX. Since the products came into the market, they have gained praises from customers for the excellent performance, cost-effective, beautiful appearance. SUNLUX also made full use of the opportunity of this exhibition to learn and exchange ideas with visiting clients and friends.



SUNLUX staffs welcome every customer and friend to SUNLUX booth with a warm attitude, we will bring you more exciting, bright and in-depth introduction of the exhibits, so that you can understand us and trust us.

SUNLUX is looking forward to meeting you in the upcoming exhibitions!

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