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Founded in 1981, COMPUTEX TAIPEI is a global exhibition platform for ICL industry and IOT technology. For more than 30 years, Computex has grown together with the global ICT industry to witness the historic moment of this industrial development.  COMPUTEX TAIPEI has become the largest ICT professional exhibition in Asia and the second largest in the world.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018,旭龙物联邀您同行

On June 5, COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018 will show us its new face. Enterprises will focus on the following six themes, AI (artificial intelligence), 5G (fifth generation mobile communications), Blockchain (chain block), IOT (Internet of things technology application), innovation and start-up (Innovations & Startups) and e-sports and virtual reality (Gaming & VR). SUNLUX is going to attend the exhibition in Taipei and present the latest barcode technology and products to the global customers.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018,旭龙物联邀您同行

Exhibition information

Exhibition name: COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018
Date: June 5-9, 2018.
Exhibition address: No. 1 Nangang, Economic and trade Road 2, Taipei, Taiwan, China
Booth No. : K1226.

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2018,旭龙物联邀您同行
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