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International Retailing Big Show, SUNLUX in Germany
Date:2018-3-7   Views:517
SUNLUX team participated the EuroCIS 2018 exhibition in Dusseldorf Exhibition center. We showed the latest products and technology in this exhibition, aiming to facilitate the international retail industry develop smoothly.

Worldwide audiences visited our booth. With professional knowledge and high enthusiasm, our staff introduced the features and advantages of the products warmly and patiently. We also provided product demonstration and technical explanation. Many audiences chose to stay longer for more detailed information. Through mutual communication with audiences, we collected more requirements that should be included and need to improve for better use and grasps the new trend of bar code recognition products in the international market.

"Mobile payment" has been praised as "one of the four new inventions in China and even in some foreign countries. In international market, mobile payment is also gradually flourishing. Undoubtedly the 2D bar code products were the “Super Star”to grasp people’s eyes than ever before.

For implementation of mobile payment, SUNLUX provides hand-held bar code scanner and the latest self-service payment box. When the staff demonstrated the product, the audience kept mentioning their country's mobile payment status. Carrying one mobile phone to travel around the world is on its way, more and more countries get themselves involved  to this popular trend as they saw the great convenience would bring them.

In this exhibition, SUNLUX fully showed the series product of the bar code identification equipment, consolidated the existing cooperation relations, unearthed a large number of potential customers, laid a solid foundation for development of the international market. In this new year, we will keep moving and dedicated to providing better products and service for our existing and potential customers.

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