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Management team’s annual meeting came to a successful conclusion
Date:2018-2-7   Views:484

SUNLUX 2017-2018 Management team’s annual meeting was held in a business hotel in science city, SUNLUX middle to top administrators and core employees gathered together to review the past,share growth and look forward to the future.


Speech by chairman


  SUNLUX Chairman Zhaorong Xu

Zhaorong Xu,SUNLUX chairman delivered a speech for the conference,

First of all, he expressed gratitude to core team for their hard work and consistent effort to SUNLUX,

He called on everyone in sales department to keep aggressive and keep pioneering and enterprising style, not satisfied with current result.

Debriefing And Planning From The Top Managers

The managers in each department carried out a in-depth analysis of main achievement and problems existing in their work. At last the development direction of 2018 is done in the speech.


  General Manager's Office


  financial department


  Domestic sales department


  International Sales Department

Recalling 2017,SUNLUX was faced with an increasingly complex market competition, adhere to technical innovation and market development.In 2017, SUNLUX led the formation of "Guangdong Smart Identification Industry Technology Innovation Alliance" and was selected as "Key Industry Leading Project of Guangzhou Industry". SUNLUX industrial base project has also started. As a result of our hard work, SUNLUX technical team has mastered the barcode recognition technology such as 1D, 2D, Omni barcode scanner and module so far and has the advanced technology in the industry.

General Manager's Office

  Manufacturing center

  R&D department

Looking Ahead to 2018 , SUNLUX will continue to aspire to make a world-class professional barcode scanning equipment manufacturer and focus on reforming system and optimizing management. Beside SUNLUX will endeavor to turn the technological achievements into high quality products by carrying out the seven key tasks. It is believed 2018 will be a the year of victory harvest with SUNLUX people’s hard work and perseverance.

For brainstorming, the retreat session was set up during the meeting. All Conference participants were free to express their opinions. They put forward ideas and suggestions for the development of the company boldly and freely.

Together we can create brilliant

The future is coming, not far away. SUNLUX people summed up their gains and losses of the past year in this annual meeting of the management , they offered their suggestions and ideas to make innovations and breakthroughs in the SUNLUX future development.

Together, SUNLUX will create brilliant in 2018 !

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