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Common Problems and Solutions of 2D Barcode Scanner
Date:2019-7-25   Views:232

2D barcode scanners are being used widely for the prevalence of 2D barcodes. Today we introduce several common faults of barcode scanners, such as the scanners can not scan codes successfully, the scanners freeze, etc. And how to troubleshoot and solve the problems.

1, Beeping sound is normal but no data transmission when the scanner reading barcodes, one of the reasons could be wrong settings of the scanner, another reason could be the fault of the cable, caused no data transmission. Please refer to the user manual, reset the scanner and check if the scanner is set with right port mode.

2. The RS232 cable of the scanner has been well connected, but no data transmission when the scanner reading barcodes, the reason should be the serial port mode has not been set, Please refer to the user manual and set serial port mode for the scanner.

3. The LED light is extinct when the scanner reading codes, also there is no beeping sound or laser, one of the reasons could be the power of the scanner is not connected, or the cable is not plugged tightly, resulted in poor contact. Solution: first, check whether the power supply of the scanner is connected, if it is connected already, check whether the interface of the cable is loose. It is better to connect the cable with the scanner again to ensure the normal power supply.

4. The scanner started normally and the laser appeared, but the barcode couldn’t be read. There are many reasons for this problem, the first reason could be the function of enabling this barcode is not opened, the second reason could be the barcode has been damaged, the third reason could be the barcode quality problem, that is to say printing of the barcode does not meet the standard, the fourth reason could be the dustproof lens is not clean, the fifth reason could be the hardware or main board faults of the scanner. Solution: first refer to the user manual to enable decoding the corresponding barcode, then check if the barcode is damaged.

5.After right connection of the scanner, the LED light keeps flashing and the scanner can not read barcodes, also there is no beeping sound from the scanner. This situation is basically caused by internal problems of the scanner, which are generally caused by poor contact of IC.

Solution: please contact dealers or manufacturers for maintenance.

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