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SUNLUX Newly 2.4G Barcode Scanner
Date:2019-5-23   Views:318

Wireless now is everywhere. Wireless earphone, wireless charger, wireless appliances and so on. "Wireless control" will bring us unique experience and feel the magic of technology.

SUNLUX keep close eye to it and now our newly 2.4G Wireless Scanner is ready.

XL-9322G 2.4G Wireless Scanner

SUNLUX XL-9322G Wireless 2D scanner is different from our other serials. This one with many unique, 2.4g two-way wireless data transmission module, better transmission signal, long transmission distance, strong transmission and diffraction ability, long transmission distance and accuracy.

Here are more details:

1. High-performance camera

Easily and sensitive identify all kinds of traditional paper barcode and screen barcode.

2. Memory function.

Ordinary mode and offline mode support large storage that will be more practical.

3. Supports offline inventory and can store 40,000 EAN13 barcodes.

4.Large battery storage-2200mAh lithium battery,

Can be used continuously for 16 hours under full charge with the power management system.

Some users always complain about the lower capacity battery life of the wireless scanner, SUNLUX’s new scanner completely solves the problem.

Welcome your comments and query to help us to become better.

Any inquiry that will be great.

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